Amalgamated Beer Co


It all started when…

A thirst truly local ingredients in unique beers began growing larger in our minds. With Amalgamated Beer Co we (Bill, Christine, Steve and Henry) have set out to make beers that we have never made before and focus on making them with ingredients from the NorthEast. Our first beer (Headspace) is an IPA brewed with grain from Maine that was malted in South Egremont, MA at Turner Hill Malting Co and hops grown and processed in Northfield, MA at Four Star Hop Farms. Fermented with a new exciting Kveik yeast cultivated in Norway and brewed in a low bitter but highly hopped manner to accentuate the fruity and juicy notes of the hops and yeast. This beer has also been crafted to reduce gluten levels to below 20 ppm making it easier for your body to handle. We want to make beers that are better for your body and new and exciting to your taste buds. Thanks for your interest in our product! Keep it local and Cheers!!

-The Amalgamated Family